Writing for the Web

Training Motive

Your web site is the place people go to when they want to discover more about you and the problems you solve. If you want to do this successfully you need to understand why writing for the web is different from print media. That means publishing content that is rich is relevance, rapport and credibility.

Training Sessions

Session 1: Digital Mindsets – Learn about the psychology of how you read online and why this influences your web writing.
Session 2: Readability – Discover how ‘readable’ your website is as well as those you visit on a regular basis.
Session 3: Headlines – Appreciate why the headline is so important and master tips and formulas on how to write ones that have impact.
Session 4: Building Blocks – Unlock the key writing ingredients in a web page and how they influence levels of engagement.
Session 5: Language – Discover why having some basic linguistic know-how will improve the quality of what you write.
Session 6: Writing Formulas – Experiment with web writing approaches and formulas so that your web copy is tailored to satisfy the expectations of your reader.
Session 7: The Writer’s Guide – Learn what the guide covers and why it’s important to have one.

The sessions are tailored to suit your business needs and culture. They include a wide selection of web writing exercises.

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Designed for…

Marketing managers, web managers, journalists and editors – any communication professional who regularly publishes content on a website.

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