Writing for the Intranet

Training Motive

Colleagues phone or mail you to find out about company information. They don’t use the intranet as they think it will take too long. You want to change this thinking and improve the quality of your intranet so that it is used with speed and enthusiasm.

Training Sessions

Session 1: Intranets that work – An introduction to some of the winning characteristics behind successful intranets and how to apply them.
Session 2: Publishing, Participation and Engagement – Understand why intranets benefit from a publishing approach and how to encourage levels of participation and engagement.
Session 3: The Journalistic Approach – Learn how to plan and manage your intranet in relation to content, tools, frequency, skills, support and participation.
Session 4: Digital Writing Skills – Star to write compelling headlines, apply digital communication tips and use proven intranet-writing approaches.
Session 5: Working with media tools – Experience how to boost levels of engagement in the way you use graphics, photography and video.

The sessions are tailored to suit your business needs and culture. They include a wide selection of intranet writing exercises and scenarios.

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Designed for…

HR, Communication and Web Managers – those responsible for raising the profile and quality of their intranet so that colleagues find it a valuable resource – one they use on a regular basis.

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