eBook: The New Rules of Writing for the Web

by Joe Pelissier on March 8, 2011

Here’s a FREE eBook on Writing for the Web.

The sub-title is actually more interesting: How digital mindsets are changing the way we read and write.

Download The New Rules of Writing for the Web

“I downloaded ‘The New Rules For Writing For The Web’ and could not put it down (or whatever the equivalent is for reading an ebook on a computer). Read it cover to cover and have to say it is brilliant, very insightful and exceptionally useful. Will put what I’ve learned to good use straight away”.

Paul Alison, Director – www.newstudent.co.uk

Start to write differently

You’ll be surprised by how many people still write for the web as if they were writing for print.

And perilously few web designers have a clue about how the online presentation of words determines whether the copy is read or not.

People like you sense that you can’t keep on churning out the same old stuff.

Today, when writing for the web, you HAVE TO think differently.

As you will discover, so much has happened over the past 20 years, you have no choice but to write for ‘digital mindsets’.

But enough justification … This eBook is for

  • marketing and communication managers who deliver more and more information online
  • owner managers who invest a lot of money in a website but very little on the words to make it work
  • anyone who writes for the web

It’s all about … why the new rules are important, the rewiring of your brain (and mine), the quest to GORGE, the paradox of choice, types of website, the SRRC Formula, cultivating the 16%, some psycho stuff, window-shopping (yes, girls), cosmetic stuff and the wordy stuff.

And there are details on resources and courses to set you on your web writing way.

Register for the eCourse

And when you’ve finished reading it, register for the eCourse: The New Rules of Writing for the Web. Then you really will have a wealth of invaluable web writing resources at your finger tips.

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Steve Spector April 4, 2011 at 12:17 am

Thanks for putting this out Joe. Some of my clients begin by not understanding that good language breeds good relationships and that must be a key starting point, even if their product or service is the “greatest thing since sliced bread.”

In addition kudos on your “gobbledygook cliche” blog post of April 4.

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