Clear written communication is a major factor in running a successful business. To help you enhance your written and spoken communication skills, here are 10 courses that are customisable to suit your business needs

  1. Email Customer Service: How to write emails that make a positive impression on your customers – 5 Sessions
  2. Live Chat Customer Service: How to give your customers an exceptional experience when using Chat –  5 Sessions
  3. Social Media Customer Service: How to manage a community and build long lasting relationships5 Sessions
  4. Telephone Customer Service: How to communicate with empathy, enthusiasm and ‘professional informality’ – 6 Sessions
  5. Writing for the Web: How to write online in a way that is rich in relevance, rapport and credibility 7 Sessions
  6. Writing for Digital Media: How to adapt your writing to suit different communication channels – 7 Sessions
  7. Writing for the Intranet: How to improve the profile and quality of what you publish internally – 5 Sessions
  8. Blogging for Business: How to promote your thought-leadership and expertise – 7 Sessions
  9. Digital Communication: Tools and Tactics: How to communicate in ways that have impact and add value – 5 Sessions
  10. Effective eMail Communication: How to improve your email productivity and protect well-being5 Sessions

These courses have been tried and tested by marketing and communication managers, client service advisors, web managers, editors, reporters and journalists.

Download .pdf brochure of Pélissier Training Courses 2014.

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