Clients use our knowledge and understanding of business communication in three ways.

1. Communication Strategy

The design of multimedia and omni-channel strategies to help brands increase a demand for their products or services. Typically, clients want advise on how to define their communication goals and the tactics needed to reach them.

Following a series of meetings and research we will design a strategy. Once approved, we will supervise its implementation.

2. Video Strategy

Using our experience of video production and marketing, we design video production roadmaps and guidelines. These are the result of our understanding of your objectives, your target audience and the different types of video you need to to produce.

Our roadmap and guidelines enables you to produce a library of video content from which you can see measurable results.

3. Social Client Service Strategy

As a result of our knowledge of your brand, your values and the social conversations clients want to have with you, we design and map out your social tone of voice. From here we produce guidelines and training that will differentiate you from your competitors.

To discuss any of the strategic services: 07730 920 813

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