Smoky-eye, dip-dye and micro-site video training

by Joe Pelissier on February 7, 2013

A few months ago each time my 11 year-old son came into my office I was either watching videos of glamorous models showing me how to create a sexy ‘smoky eye’ look or bedraggled women on YouTube showing me how to dip-dye my hair.  For some reason he wasn’t that impressed… (alarmed more like) nor was my 18 year-old daughter, who is a fashion blogger ( and who felt I was encroaching on her territory.

The result of some of this ‘research’ can be found below on L’Oréal’s video micro site –

L’Oreal Video Micro Portal

One of the fun things about producing videos (which I produce in partnership with MWP) is that you enter a whole new world.  You have to understand something that’s rather alien to you and see if you can come up with a concept which is affordable to shoot and which will appeal to the viewer.

Video Training as Marketing

Whether you like the dip-dye videos on the site above is beside the point – unless you happen to be after an Ombré look you are not the target audience. What is relevant is the way a brand like L’Oréal is going about educating it’s market about a new product, in this case Préférence Wild Ombré (say it with a French accent and you’ll sound chic).

L’Oréal is using a video micro site with the emphasis on education and learning. Visit the site and you will learn how to create an Ombré dip-dye look, different ways to glamorously style it and tips on how to apply the gunk. I’m constantly amazed by the suffering women will go through for the sake of their hair. In case you hadn’t caught on yet, Ombré is the posh term for dip-dye.

Whether this is for you or not, it shows how leading brands are investing in video training as a way of marketing their products. And for L’Oréal this latest collection of videos represents a best practice approach they want other product lines to follow.

These sort of micro-sites are going to increase, after all video is growing very, very fast.  Each month in the UK

  • 6 billion videos are watched
  • 35 million people watch video online
  • 17 hours of video are watched per online viewer.

And if the experts are correct by 2015, 90% of internet traffic will be video. It doesn’t even matter if they are wrong, whatever happens A LOT of video is coming your way.

Clearly, it’s a huge opportunity but only a few companies are embracing video training strategically. Of course there are plenty with a video or two on their site but few ever set out to educate or solve the problems visitors want answers to.

As for my research into the smokey-eye look, it resulted in a short commercial for Maybelline which received very respectable view-though figures (from start to finish) of 50%.

Smoky to the Rescue

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