How to publish online like Jamie Oliver

by Joe Pelissier on April 25, 2013

On my Digital Communication: Tools & Tactics course, I ask the participants to take a close look at and the way he communicates with his fans and followers.

For most of my clients, a cookery site has nothing in common with their own business. But that’s part of the exercise. To get companies to look at how a completely unrelated business communicates and to see if they can learn anything from this.

Jaimie Oliver Home Page

As you will discover, Jamie Oliver is in the publishing business even though he is famous for being a globe trotting, ‘cor blimey, big love’ chef.

As a publisher he knows the kind of things his customers like and so he he keeps in touch with them on a regular basis and via wide range of media channels. Of course it’s not always Jamie Oliver but a team of smart marketing professionals who understand digital communication and how to engage using the Jaimie Oliver ‘lingo’.

Jaimie’s Communication Channels

When I last visited his site I counted up to 10 different communication channels. That’s a lot of channels to manage.

Here they are:

  1. Instagram – he is always snapping away and has nearly 1 m followers
  2. Pinterest – which neatly allows him to re-purpose the images he uses on Instagram
  3. Facebook – with 1.4 m ‘Likes’ and regular competitions to engage with his Friends
  4. Twitter  – with a very impressive 3.3 m Followers
  5. Google + – 1.5 m have him in their Circles
  6. YouTube – he has his own channel, FoodTube, with 200k subscribers for whom he publishes fresh content every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
  7. Blogs – which are written by 4 different food experts, each with their own identity within the brand
  8. Forums – which are split into 4 conversational topics
  9. Newsletter – a weekly newsletter, once you’ve signed-up
  10. Ask Jaime a question – to make you feel you can have a one to one connection

One of the reasons this works is that the brand has a defined editorial approach and calendar. The business knows its customers, what they like and that to engage with them they must publish frequently and across plenty of channels.

If you think there are too many channels you are missing the point. Using multiple channels means you are catering for all types of social media user and recognise that each has different preferences.

What Jaimie Oliver publishes is also regularly re-purposed across those channels, so they seldom have to start from scratch each time.

But I don’t like Jamie Oliver!

I’ve met many people who don’t like Jamie Oliver but who buy his books, visit his site and receive his newsletter. This is because his business has transcended the celebrity chef stage. It is now perceived to have significant value. You may not like his ‘big love brother’ style but you know that the site is guaranteed to give you reliable tips and great recipes.  It’s a brand you can trust.

For most businesses, large or small, getting their heads around the publisher mindset approach is hard.  The marketing buzz term for all this is ‘content marketing’ and more and more companies are now starting to come up with ‘content engagement strategies’ as a part of this.’

‘Publishing’ may not sound that sexy as a digital marketing concept but publishing is what it’s about, whether you’re a pest control expert, a beautician or an MEP.

Visit some of Jamie Oliver’s channels and you’ll see how effective the approach is.

Your gonna love it! Big love x

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