Customer Service and the Digital Value Point

by admin on February 2, 2012

Whether you have a Digital Value Point (DVP) depends on your type of business and the channels through which customers experience your customer service.

Although having a DVP sounds like some contagious disease, you can only catch it if your business communicates with customers in the following three ways.

  1. Face-to-face via a shop or retail outlet
  2. On the telephone, as part of a customer service call centre
  3. Via an eCommerce website.

As my rather crude diagram below shows, the DVP lies where these three communication channels overlap.

Why is it important to recognise you have a DVP?

If you are in this position the chances are that your business has evolved from retail, to online, to having a customer service call centre. If so, you have a mature or established business. With this comes an expectation of the very best in customer service communication skills.

On the shop floor, customers expect you to

  • Engage with them and develop a rapport
  • Be polite and courteous
  • Know your product extremely well
  • Provide additional information, when required
  • Ensure that the experience is worth a repeat visit.

When online, your customers expect content that is

  • Speedy to use and navigate
  • Rich in rapport so they want to scan, skim or even read it
  • Relevant to their needs as a buyer
  • High in credibility so they are willing to buy?

When on the telephone, your customers expect you to

  • Answer their questions swiftly and efficiently
  • Effortlessly manage all of the screens and systems in front of you
  • Process their orders or requests.

At any time each of these sales and communication channels can replace the other. Which one a customer uses will depend up on habit, convenience and past experience.

Each channel has to offer a customer service experience as good as the other. Remember, some people feel that calling the a Customer Service number, is the equivalent to calling the head office, so they expect an even better service.

In a nutshell…

Customer service and the DVP is about

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Digital proficiency (website, eCommerce and CMS)
  • Great product knowledge
  • Sales know-how – so you can suggest additional items
  • Calm composure  – for when things go wrong
  • An ambassadorial nature – especially when you are the first point of contact
  • Flexibility  – the ability to juggle all of the above

In many cases these skills are underestimated or taken for granted.  That’s why companies with a DVP tend recognise this and invest in those who are at the forefront of the customer experience.

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