The Modern Marketing Strategy

by Joe Pelissier on October 5, 2010

sozoShaun Uthup, Creative Director at Sozo Design, has 3 excellent insights into creating a modern marketing strategy.

1. The Power of FREE

Today there is an expectation that you can go online and find expert information for FREE.  Traditionally, companies would run away from this idea. Not any more. It demonstrates credibility and it gives you a far better chance to virally market what you offer.

2. The Power of YouTube

More and more surfers are starting to bypass Google and go straight to YouTube for concise nuggets of information. In the US, producers of TV shows are starting to structure their programmes so that snippets are easy to distribute via YouTube, Hulu and other video channels.

And Shaun and his team are practising what they preach. They have Sozo TV which has a wealth of video tips. I recommend you take a look.

3. Adapt your Style to Suit the Media

Versatility is the name of the game. Blog copy, web copy, tweets, facebook chat, video inserts – they all require a different approach.

A modern marketing strategy really does require you to understand all the media available to you and use it as one big relationship-building tool.

Here’s the full article on the Modern Marketing Strategy from Sozo Design.

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