Live Chat Customer Service

Training Motive

You want your customers to have an exceptional customer service experience via Chat. That means using the best client service advisors – those with excellent product knowledge and first-rate writing skills. Most companies mistakenly assume that it is easy to run a chat service, which is why most Live Chats deliver mediocre results.

Training Sessions

Session 1: Chat differentials – Learn about the essential things that make chat different from phone, email and social media.
Session 2: Chat ‘Time’ – Discover the implications of ‘written versus actual time’ and how to manage it.
Session 3: Complexity & Criticality – Evaluate the sort of issues that chat can solve efficiently and define a process that deals with them.
Session 4: Chat ‘Etiquette’ – Adopt writing rules and approaches which position your service streets ahead of the competition.
Session 5: Mystery Chatting & Role-play – Evaluate the quality levels of other providers of Live Chat and then take part in role-plays to put your learning into practice.

The sessions are tailored to suit your business needs and culture. They include specially designed exercises and role-plays.

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Designed for…

Companies looking to set-up a Live Chat service for the first time and international organisations with client service advisors using multiple channels. It is especially useful for retail companies.

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