How David Meerman Scott Tweeted me out

by Joe Pelissier on April 10, 2011

David Meerman Scott

I was in two minds to write about this but the experience and the lessons are so powerful, I decided to share them.

Last week, I was looking for a structure on which to develop the consulting side of my business. My first port of call was to think about other marketers whom I admire and to take a look at their approach. (Inventing from scratch is always the long-way around…)

I’m very impressed by David Meerman Scott and his whole approach to digital marketing and content engagement. He has a good blog and I’ve read a number of his books. So, I was  pleased to discover that his consulting approach offered a good framework for the ‘in-house’ and coaching side of my work.

So I copied his text and edited it to reflect what I offer as a consultant.

During the day I  juggle a lot of writing work and so I did the initial edit  to my new ‘marketing consultancy’ page and moved onto some other projects.  Before I did so I ‘released’ the page on my site planning to come back to it later.

I also sent out a Tweet about it…

As you know, Twitter  is ‘real-time’ communication and you need to send out a lot, frequently and consistently, if you are to engage with your Followers. As this was a ‘one-off’ Tweet, I didn’t really think much about it.

That evening, I returned to my office after a beautiful spring-time walk with the dogs.

This is what greeted me on my return.

“Oh shit!” I thought. And the colour drained from my face. David Meerman Scott has seen my tweet and read my ‘consultancy’ page. He must think I’m a horrible limey plagiarist!

I immediately sent an honest and grovelling mea culpa message assuring him that it was a work in progress.

He was magnanimous and replied, ‘No worries.  I hope it works out.”

I then hurriedly finished my edit and the following morning sent him another message with a link to the finished piece.

Again he was generous in response. As David and I agreed in our brief communication, what I have just described to you is what the ‘new rules’ of marketing are all about…connectivity and being ready for the unexpected.

If you are going to publish stuff don’t ever assume that the busy and influential are NOT GOING TO TAKE NOTICE of what you send out.  They do!

I never imagined that David would pick up my random, solitary Tweet when he follows 34,067 other Tweeters and has 52,697 Followers. But he did.

This is how real-time media works – connecting with people who are living and operating in real-time too.

If you are not connecting you are not engaging, and the less you engage the less likely you are to experience the unexpected and unpredictable; the things which make social media marketing edgy, fun and relevant.

Of course, as a copywriter, I should have known better than to publish something I felt was ‘good enough’ –  just because I wasn’t expecting anyone ‘significant’ to see it was a poor excuse.

Fortunately, it worked out for the good.

  • I’m now known to one the most influential marketing commentators in the US (Although not an approach I would recommend)
  • I have first hand experience of the power of the ‘new rules’ of social media marketing
  • I unexpectedly discovered some some invaluable lessons to share with you.

Keep on Tweeting…you just never know.

P.S. My eBook the New Rules of Writing for the Web was produced along the lines that David recommends. Judging by the response and feedback I’ve received, he was spot on.

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Debs de Vries April 12, 2011 at 10:42 am

Joe, I’m very inspired by this post. For one thing, social media posting can often feel like throwing stones into a bottomless well – you can wait for ever for an echo. Secondly, it was brave of you to admit to an error – and of the learning that came as a result. It would seem that it was not so much an error in the bigger picture as David Meerman Scott demonstrated by his example.

Great stuff. Keep posting and teaching like this please!

Damien O'Dwyer April 12, 2011 at 3:03 pm

Hi Joe,

No one in their right mind tries to re-invent the wheel, we all learn from some of the greats and I bet Mr. M Scott also emulates some of the “OLD MASTERS” like Claud Hopkins, David Ogilvy et al.

If any of your readers want to find out if anyone is writing about them or their business use Goolge alerts. Enter your own name or business and let the big G do the searching for you. Oooh I think I should blog this one!

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