My experience in the film industry

A lot of people always ask me about my experience in the film industry, where I’ve worked variously as a Producer and Director.

John Cleese and Ring-Tailed Lemur

John Cleese and Ring-Tailed Lemur

I’ve worked on drama productions for the BBC, Channel 4 and Warner Brothers as well as a few feature films.  I’ve worked on contemporary drama, period drama and with stunt units co-ordinating fights, explosions and medieval jousts .

I’ve worked on documentaries traveling the width and breadth of England, Scotland and Wales.

I’ve worked on training programmes for Video Arts which at times was like working for BBC Light Entertainment. (I collaborated on over 40 productions with them).

I’ve worked on some incredibly expensive commercials with some particularly unpleasant but talented directors.

And I’ve worked on factual corporate videos to make the dull and mundane sound interesting. (I produced the first series of interactive videos for the University of Industry (Ufi)).

I directed the first training program on e-Mail in the UK  which was Winner of the IVCA Gold Award.

Clapper BoardIt has involved working with a few famous names – John Cleese, Peter Ustinov, Dawn French, Hugh Laurie, Rutger Hauer and Kim Catteral…as well as plenty of unknown but equally gifted actors.

It has has meant having the good fortune to work worked with amazing group of talented lighting cameraman, writers, editors, designers and animators – the people who do the hard graft behind the scenes.

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