Effective eMail Communication

Training Motive

eMails are like zombies – you keep killing them but they still keep coming. You are aware that your productivity and that of your colleagues is compromised by your personal and organisational approach to email. You want to find a more efficient way of managing email within your organisation.

Training Sessions

Session 1: Pre-workshop Questionnaire Results – Learn what the results of the questionnaire say about your company’s attitude towards email.
Session 2: Dependency – Discover the addictive nature of email and why a revised approach will improve business productivity and personal well-being.
Session 3: Integrity – Appreciate why a clear understanding of the time implications associated with effective email management helps both ‘taskers’ and ‘responders’.
Session 4: Literacy – Learn some powerful techniques & approaches that will improve written email communication both internally and externally.
Session 5: Commitment – Witness some personal and departmental commitments to make change as a result of the Dependency, Integrity and Literacy sessions.

The course requires a pre-evaluation of how email is used internally and the way it is written.

Duration: 1-day

Designed for…

Organisations or business units that are dependent on email but who recognise that business productivity and the well-being of employees is being compromised.

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