The New Rules of Writing for the Web

Here’s a useful eBook on Writing for the Web.

It’s for

  • marketing and communication managers who deliver more and more information online
  • owner managers who invest a lot of money in a website but very little on the words to make it work
  • anyone who writes for the web or other forms of digital media.

The sub-title is actually more interesting…it’s How digital mindsets are changing the way we read and write.

  The New Rules of Writing for the Web

“I downloaded ‘The New Rules For Writing For The Web’ and could not put it down (or whatever the equivalent is for reading an ebook on a computer). Read it cover to cover and have to say it is brilliant, very insightful and exceptionally useful. Will put what I’ve learned to good use straight away”. Paul Alison,

“Thanks to the link to your book, and what a revelation! I’m sure you can imagine there’s a level of skepticism before clicking on a link to a ‘book’, however I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I forwarded it onto my team as a matter of principal! Short, pragmatic and ultimately impactful”. Richard Ralston, Accenture

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