Writing for Digital Media

Training Motive

You find yourself using a wide variety of digital channels but in a very reactive way. This means there is a lack of continuity and professionalism in the way you communicate. Understand the writing rules that apply to each channel and you start to communicate more effectively.

Training Sessions

Session 1: Digital Mindsets – Learn about the psychology of how you read online and why this influences writing for digital media.
Session 2: Writing for the Web – Discover the key writing ingredients in a web page and how to use them effectively.
Session 3: Writing for Social Media – Master how to write with ‘professional informality’ and strengthen the relationship with your Fans and Followers.
Session 4: Writing for Chat – Discover the implications of ‘written versus actual time’ and now to manage it
Session 5: Writing for SMS/MMS – See why the restriction of 160 characters is liberating and how to exploit it.
Session 6: Writing Approaches – Start to apply different digital tips and tricks to make your copy engage with the reader.
Session 7: Language – Learn why having some basic linguistic know-how will improve the quality of your digital communication.

The sessions are tailored to suit your business needs and culture. They include a wide selection of digital writing exercises and scenarios.

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Designed for…

Marketing teams, client service teams, web managers, journalists and editors – any communication professional who regularly uses a variety of digital communication channels.

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