Digital Communication: Tools & Tactics

Training Motive

You are constantly told how you should use lots of different digital communication tools. But with so many to consider how do you understand the value behind them and if they are right? You also want to develop a better understanding of the writing rules that govern digital communication.

Training Sessions

Session 1: Digital Mindsets – Learn how your understanding of the way people use digital communication influences the tools you use and the way you communicate with different communities.
Session 2: Think like a Publisher – Discover why all organisations are now publishers and why you need to think and operate in this way.
Session 3: Digital Writing Essentials – Experiment with some invaluable tips and tricks that lie behind effective web publishing and communication.
Session 4: Digital Writing Formulas – Start to structure and present your content so that time-poor readers are more likely to read and respond.
Session 5: Digital Tools – Enjoy an introduction to the most influential communication tools and the chance to evaluate them in terms of whether they have impact and add value.

Tools considered in Session 5 include Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, Yammer, Blogging, Wikis, Forums and Video.

Duration: 1-day

Designed for…

Marketing and Communication Managers in the process of developing an online communication strategy. The workshop allows them to make informed decisions about the tools available.

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