Blogging for Business

Training Motive

Your customers come to your blog because they value your expertise and your ability to provide useful insights – maybe even solve problems. A blog is a powerful reflector of thought-leadership and credibility, which is why it requires a range of journalistic and digital communication skills.

Training Sessions

Session 1: The ‘blogosphere’ – Discover the different types of blog, their characteristics and the sort of blog you can publish.
Session 2: Think like a publisher – Know your audience and learn why it pays to have a monthly editorial approach to ensure frequency of publication.
Session 3: Blog ‘readability’ – Unlock the tone and style of your blog and the digital communication essentials behind it.
Session 4: SEO Basics – Learn about the things you need to know to help the search engines find and promote your postings.
Session 5: Visual media – Appreciate how good graphics and video can have a positive impact on what you publish.
Session 6: Headlines – Discover why the headline is so important as well as formulas on how to write ones to make visitors read your postings.
Session 7: Approaches & Formulas – Experiment with proven ways on how to structure your blog postings.

The sessions are tailored to suit your business needs and culture. They include a wide selection of blog writing exercises and scenarios.

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Designed for…

Marketing teams, web managers, journalists and editors – any communication professional who blogs or who wants to develop their blog.

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