Case Study: Video Production (L’Oréal)

The Challenge

In a saturated YouTube market, L’Oréal needed a video to show women how easy it is to use their dip dye hair product, Wild Ombrés Préférence. The video had to reflect the values of the brand and stand out from all the user-generated content that is produced online.

Ease of application and the end result had to convince viewers they didn’t need to waste time and money going to the hairdresser. The 25-minute process had to be communicated in 3 minutes.

The Approach

We researched the how to dip dye market to see how other brands approached the topic as well as making sure we had a detailed understanding of how the product worked.  We presented a number of different concepts and narratives built around the tag line, ‘Try it, Trend it and Ombré it!’

The Solution

‘How to dip dye my hair’ is a 3 minute video in which ‘Sara’, a young woman in her 30s, shows viewers how to apply a product she has never used before.  It is shot on location, and covers five essentials:

Part 1: How to test you have the right colour
Part 2: The kit you’ll need
Part 3: How to test your colour result
Part 4: Application
Part 5: Tips and re-cap

A young model / actress was cast who viewers would relate to and a strong emphasis was placed on lighting, memorable graphics and upbeat music. The ‘How to’ was fun and enjoyable to watch.

The Result

L’Oreal was so pleased with the video it is now referred to as a best practice ‘How to’ for both internal producers and external agencies.

The video features on L’Oréal’s site together with other videos we produced as part of this series. To date it has had up to 362,000 views.

Download .pdf case study of L’Oréal Video Production

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