Case Study: Strategic Communication (England Rugby)

The Challenge

By 2017, England Rugby wants to have 20,000 coaches and by 2020, 7,500 referees. For this to happen it needs to have a recruitment process that attracts and produces the best coaches and referees.

To start, England Rugby needed a Communications Strategy that addressed both its short-term and long-term recruitment goals.

The Approach

The first step was to come-up with a Communication Strategy to expand on the overall vision, understand the target audience and the obstacles to overcome to reach them. With this information we could then come up with the tactics to make it a reality.

To write the Communication Strategy we worked in partnership with MWP and:

  • Analysed all the documentation the RFU could provide about coaching and refereeing
  • Ran a 1-day workshop with the project sponsors and relevant experts.

The Communication Strategy that was the result of this work became the reference guide for all subsequent communication.

The Solution – Keep Your Boots On!

Following the creation of Keep Your Boots On! (KYBO) as the project identity, we designed KYBO Sessions that club reps could host in clubs across England.  The aim was to create a media rich event at which players could learn about coaching and refereeing in a relaxed environment.

Our work included:

  • 2 x Promo videos that told RFU Area Training Managers and Club Reps about the KYBO project and what a KYBO session involved
  • 4 x Taster videos, each c. 2 minutes and linked to a KYBO theme designed to appeal to a rugby player
  • Promotional material in the form of an A3 poster and coaching and refereeing coaching Z cards
  • 10 x eMail Follow-ups post the KYBO Session – each tailored to give the recipient additional information and case studies about coaching and refereeing
  • Web-copy for the RFU website that reflects the KYBO message and proposition.

The solution involved editorial publishing, copywriting, design, video production, email marketing and project management.

The Result

KYBO Sessions start in April 2014. All attendees at a session are registered onto a database so we can see who decides to Keep Their Boots On! and gives it a go.

Download .pdf case study of Strategic Communication

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