Case Study: Social Media Etiquette (Louis Vuitton)

The Challenge

As a luxury global brand, Louis Vuitton wanted to communicate with clients via Social Media, Chat and SMS. At the same time, it needed to have a tone and style that was not over informal but one that reflected the world of luxury and superior client service.

As Social Media is a fast moving channel, Louis Vuitton needed know the sort of client service conversations it was likely to have with clients and how to handle them. With this knowledge it would then be possible to create a social media reference guide for Louis Vuitton advisors.

The Approach

The first step was to research how the market engaged with big name brands socially and digitally and to understand the implications of this for Louis Vuitton.

This required us to:

  • Clarify the sense of expectation that LV clients have when using social media and how this is achieved
  • Consider the scope of a ‘social answer’ in terms of direct messages, questions, complaints and transfer to another channel
  • Define the tone and style of written social communication in order to produce written rules, acceptable vocabulary and examples of wrong way / right way answers.

A large part of this work involved creating transcripts of social conversations and chats to discover the ingredients (procedural or written) that deliver a positive result.

The Solution

The creation of 3 etiquette guides:

  1. Social Media Etiquette – a detailed reference guide containing LV’s 7 Writing Rules, up to 11 wrong way/ right way Facebook and Twitter scenarios and a library of vocabulary and phrases
  2. Chat Etiquette  – built on ‘real-time’ transcripts, illustrative examples on how to ‘chat’ with clients in a fast but professionally informal manner
  3. SMS Etiquette  – tips and formulas on how to write an SMS when the advisor is restricted to only 160 characters.

As well as being a guide, the etiquettes were also a training manual for client service managers.

The Result

With defined etiquettes, Louis Vuitton feels it is in control of social media as a client service channel. The etiquettes are an important first step in making sure that teams of international advisors communicate with a consistency regardless of which country they are from. The ‘social’ client experience retains all the hallmarks of a luxury brand regardless of perceived informality of the channel.

Download .pdf case study of Social Media Etiquette

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