Case Study: Social Media Client Service (Nespresso)

The Challenge

As a global brand Nespresso recognised that an increasing number of its customers wanted to contact the company via Facebook or Twitter. Long-term it was not possible for HQ Social Media to handle all requests so there was the need to design and deliver a social media client service training programme to allow international markets to deal with ‘social’ customers independently.

The training had to address the new rules of written social communication whilst retaining the professionalism of the brand. It also needed to teach the advisors how to use the software tool for handling social media.

The Approach

Before designing the training we established Social Media Guidelines. This ensured that the correct topics were taught.  The guidelines looked at the:

  • Risks associated with social media customer service and how to minimize them
  • Goals behind effective social customer service and the benefits this brings
  • Scope of client service answers so that only appropriate topics are dealt with
  • Skills needed by a social media client service advisor and how to develop them
  • Best practice examples whether provided by Nespresso or other brands.

The Social Media Guidelines provided the blueprint for the training.

The Solution

The design of a 2-day course delivered to Nespresso client service centres. The training covers:

  • The Social World – why excellent social customer service is strategic and the implications behind this for the customer and Nespresso
  • Social Themes & Handling Modes – the sort of conversations customers want to have and how to conduct them
  • Social Values & Personality Types – how brand values influence social communication and the customers Nespresso serves
  • Social Etiquette – how to create a set of writing guidelines that enhance the quality of service
  • Adapted Writing Skills – digital writing approaches suitable for Facebook and Twitter.

The Result

Satisfied Nespresso customers benefit from the advisors having received the same level of training and by having their requests handled with professionalism and informality. The advisors are confident and motivated as a result.

To date training has been delivered to teams in USA, Australia, Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux, Spain, France, Poland, Singapore and Korea.

Download .pdf case study of Social Media Client Service

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