Case Study: Live CHAT Client Service (Nespresso)

NespressoThe Challenge

Nespresso wanted to provide a Live CHAT service to its existing Club members. However, as CHAT is a hybrid between spoken and written communication it was unsure of the best way to implement such a service.

To overcome this concern, it needed to understand how CHAT worked as a communication channel and to design a CHAT treatment process with training to support it. This would then guarantee that clients received the very best in online customer service.

The Approach

To clarify how the advisors would use Live CHAT, we created a set of CHAT Guidelines. The objective behind these was to have a reference guide that showed that Nespresso understood the implications behind such a service and what had to be done to make it a success.

The guidelines looked at:

  • Client expectations when using CHAT and how this differs from other channels
  • When and where CHAT should be offered and the functional expectations of a CHAT tool
  • The scope of the advisor’s response in terms of ‘critical / complex conversations’ with a client
  • The CHAT ‘treatment process’ and the ‘adaptive writing skills’ an advisor should have
  • How to measure the quality of the response.

The CHAT Guidelines provided the blueprint for the training and quality service levels.

The Solution

The design of a 2-day course delivered to Nespresso customer service centres. The training covers:

  • The Live ‘CHAT’ experience – ‘real-time’ conversations with other brands in order to experience and learn why it is different
  • The Treatment process and how this is influenced by customer types, behaviours and expectations
  • Dealing with complexity and criticality and a range of different ‘real-time’ CHAT scenarios
  • CHAT communication skills and how to write with professional informality
  • Time management in relation to chat and how to measure quality.

The Result

As a communication channel, Live CHAT is very popular and well received by Nespresso Club members. There is a consistency of quality across the brand and the informality of CHAT has a created a sense of trust. Advisors enjoy using CHAT and the speed with which it solves a request.

To date training has been delivered to teams in USA, Australia, Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux, Spain, France, Switzerland and Brazil.

Download .pdf case study of Live Chat Client Service

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