Case Study: eMail Marketing (I Love Claims)

The History

I Love Claims (ILC) hosts conferences and networking events for members of the motor and home claims industry. The benefits of attending a conference are communicated via a series of bespoke email marketing campaigns. Since 2011, its membership base has grown from a few hundred to up to 3,700.

The Challenge

With a conference or event there are considerable up-front costs. This means it is important to pre-sell to attendees and sponsors as much in advance as possible. This requires frequent emails that communicate the personal and professional benefits of attending.

Each campaign requires emails that:

  • Attract attention – the content is considered seriously because it engages the reader
  • Are quick to read – they take up very little of the reader’s time
  • Encourage ACTION – the reader will want to purchase a ticket or a ‘Table for 10’.

The Approach

Since 2012, we have advised and provided email copy for up to nine different ILC events.  As the number of members has grown it has also fragmented into specialist niches and so our approach has had to reflected this. The seven main features of this type of email marketing are:

  1. Create an event or conference theme around which to tailor the copy and make it compelling
  2. Focus on tangible benefits that are linked to our knowledge of the reader and which avoid clichéd phrases or expressions
  3. Use frequency of communication by creating an email sequence that works backwards from the date of the event
  4. Use a conversational but professional writing style which has a lightness of touch
  5. Adopt contrast so that some emails are short whereas others are more detailed – to highlight an important topic or speaker
  6. Pay close attention to the Subject Line in order to maximise the chance of the reader opening the email
  7. Use good graphic design to create a template that is linked to the theme and which helps to sell the written message.

When all of these work together, good results are achieved.

The Result

All of ILC’s conferences and events are sold out in advance of the end date.  Frequency combined with quality trains ILC members to expect and respond to this type of communication. In 2013 one event sold out two months in advance.

ILC has an approach and process it can replicate with confidence each time it introduces a new conference or event.

Download .pdf case study of eMail Marketing

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