Pélissier Communications is a communications training consultancy that works to improve the communication skills of members of marketing and client service teams. Our expertise is in teaching digital and verbal communication skills.

The consultancy was set-up in 2010 by Joe Pélissier.

Our work is international and characterised by four guiding brand values

  1. Relevance  – what we design and deliver is relevant to your business goals and ambitions
  2. Engaging – when we work with you, you are engaged mentally and emotionally by what our consultants have to say
  3. Creative – what we design and deliver has a creative freshness that will change pre-conceptions and mindsets
  4. Reliable – we do what we say we will; you’ll be confident you can rely on the training you receive.

As communication consultants we bring you our knowledge of publishing, film production, the theatre and elearning together with our ability to keep up to date with the latest thinking in digital media.

80% of our work is bespoke. In this way you can be certain that the solution we design and deliver is relevant to your needs.

As you will discover when you read Joe Pélissier’s bio, he has a slightly unusual background. This leads to some unexpected insights when it comes to the business of communication.

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